Give your IT hardware a second life

Sustainability plays an important role in all areas of the economy. The potential is particularly great in the IT industry. We want to use this potential and conserve resources through conscious and responsible action. That is why we work with certified partner to ensure that your no longer needed devices are used instead of destroyed.

Second Life Cycle

A second life instead of wasted resources

Give your old IT hardware a second life instead of disposing of everything. Many PCs, servers or monitors are still functional and can still be used. Because reuse is much more ecological than direct recycling. The reason: Not all components and raw materials can be reused during recycling and the reprocessing requires energy.

We take back large quantities of used IT devices and reintroduce them into the cycle through a certified partner. People in weaker economic regions can benefit from functional IT there.

You will receive a credit for your old IT hardware, which you can redeem for Prime Computer products. The amount of the credit depends on the value of the hardware sent in.

Berg als Symbol für Nachhaltigkeit

Great care when deleting data

Your company data is confidential and contains sensitive information. Our partner ensures that this information does not reach unauthorized third parties through careful and certified deletion.

The hard disks are erased in secure logistics centers with certified and world-leading erasure softwares. The softwares meet the highest security standards. Complete documentation of the deletion according to all legal regulations is ensured. The deletions take place exclusively in Switzerland.

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Nachhaltigkeit Berge Swiss Mountains

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