Corona pandemic – Current situation at Prime Computer

The corona crisis affects us all. For many companies, reliable planning is very difficult in the current situation. That is why we want to communicate as transparently as possible about the current situation at Prime Computer.

Product availability

When the corona epidemic situation in China worsened, we stocked our warehouse in St.Gallen as far as possible as a precaution. All Prime Computer products are currently available without any limitations.

For standard configurations, delivery restrictions are not expected for the foreseeable future. Thanks to the stock on hand and ongoing follow-up deliveries. If delivery delays should occur in the future, then at most for self-configured PrimeMinis with SSDs that are not built into any standard configurations or for the data center SSDs for the PrimeServer Pro. We can still place reorders with all product partners. Longer delivery times for components are of course taken into account in the warehouse planning.


Employees and reachability

In the meantime, all Prime Computer employees are working in the Office again. However, following the positive experience during the lockdown, the opportunities for home office were significantly expanded. This means that the distance rules can still be easily adhered to. Because all our processes are digitalized and our employees previously used cloud and browser applications almost exclusively in their daily work, we can work in our home office without any restrictions. Read more: link

Technical support and all other business departments can be reached normally during regular business hours under their respective telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.

Production and shipping

There is no risk for customers receiving the shipments of Prime Computer products. According to information from the WHO and the Swiss health department, the coronavirus can only survive for a short time on materials used for packaging and products.

Nevertheless, Prime Computer has taken precautionary measures for production. All production staff works with disposable gloves, even during the final packaging of the products. In addition, there are sufficient disinfection stations available for the employees, which must be used regularly.

There are currently no restrictions on the shipping of Prime Computer products by post.



Even in the event of a longer-lasting crisis due to the corona pandemic, Prime Computer will be there for you as usual. All Prime Computer employees will continue to work in their normal workload. Planned new hires will not be postponed to later dates.

If we can support you as a partner or customer in this difficult time, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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