PrimeMini – Your New Colleague in the Home Office

We stay at home. A phrase that has significantly changed both our private and our working lives more than any other in recent months. Many employers are facing the challenge of digitalization and home office is becoming a central topic. While increasingly one or two days a week have already been declared for home office in many companies, ‘working at home’ is now an essential part of the working day for many. This makes it all the more important for employers to equip employees with ideal home office hardware: powerful, yet quiet and as compact as possible to fit on any desk – just like our intelligent mini PCs.

More Space on Your Desk

What makes the PrimeMini a great home office PC is its ultra-compact dimensions. No matter how small the desk at home is , the PrimeMini can be easily installed directly on the table. All ports are effortlessly accessible, which makes for a straightforward setup.

Unlike regular desktop PCs, there is still enough room for full dual-screen setups or single large monitors despite placement on the desk. With a more extensive setup, many of us can work much more efficiently and effectively than on a small notebook screen, for example.

Silent, Efficient and Power Saving

Like all our products, the PrimeMini is completely silent, which allows for quieter and more concentrated work in the home office. We achieve this by cooling our mini PC fanless and not installing a mechanical hard drive, instead using only fast SSDs. Since Prime Computer’s products are passively cooled, energy efficiency is mandatory.

Frequent work in the home office has made one thing clear: electricity costs are a lot higher than before. Computers consume energy. Especially because we work on the PC for several hours a day, an energy-efficient PC saves a considerable amount of money over a longer period of time.


Prime Computer Benefits for Your Home Office

  • Conveniently accessible connectors allow for easy and hassle-free installation.
  • Ultra-compact dimensions allow desktop placement, as well as the use of more extensive setups.
  • Quiet and concentrated work thanks to Quiet and concentrated work thanks to silent operation..
  • Save operating costs thanks to low energy costs and a longer product life cycle.
  • Less downtime thanks to exceptionally high reliability and fail-safe operation.
  • Fast, friendly and competent support directly from Switzerland.

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