A desktop PC is often an all-rounder. The computer is used for a whole range of tasks in everyday life. Email, Excel and Word tasks, research, or multimedia, – if you want to buy a desktop PC, it has to be ready for everything.

The choice on the market is incredibly large. If you’re not permanently involved with IT in all its details, you’ll quickly be overwhelmed by the technical terms. This does not make the concrete choice any easier. You can use the following five points to create your own requirements profile. That way, you’ll find the desktop PC that suits you best.

Desktop PC

How important is performance when you want to buy a desktop PC?

Those who want to buy a new desktop PC often replace an old computer because the new software no longer runs on the old hardware or it is no longer powerful enough. For this reason, the new computer should offer correspondingly more performance. Buyers often act according to the principle “a lot helps a lot”. However, this leads to investing more money than necessary and consuming more resources.

A computer with a lot of performance also needs more energy in operation. Especially components from the high-end sector consume significantly more power than equally powerful alternatives. For a few percent more performance, you pay a higher price for the purchase as well as during operation. However, you won’t notice this additional performance in many applications.

On the other hand, if you look for a system that can be easily expanded, you can always provide more performance. This applies to all components, such as

  • Working memory
  • Hard disk
  • Graphics card
  • Processor
  • WLAN

So it makes more sense to buy a system that meets your needs now. Upgrading later is cheaper and saves you from having to buy a new computer in the future.

The example of RAM shows how you dimension the performance. The minimum required hardware is indicated for applications. In addition, there is a recommended configuration. For example, this can mean 4 GB RAM as a minimum and 8 GB as a recommendation. Then it makes sense to equip your PC with 8 GB.

Make sure that the system can be expanded, for example up to 64 GB of RAM. The manufacturers also specify how many working memory slots are available. If there are free RAM slots, this makes it easier to upgrade later.

Desctop PC

How versatile do you want your new PC to be?

The topic of versatility is also important. The choice of the operating system plays a central role here. If you want to remain versatile, you should choose an operating system that is as open as possible. This prevents you from being tied to a certain provider.

This applies not only to peripherals but also to applications. You are particularly flexible with operating systems like Linux and Windows 11. A lot of open-source software is available for Linux. At the same time, software for Windows can also be used under Linux with runtime environments. With Windows 11, you can now even install Android apps that you know from your smartphone.

The modern user demands a lot from his computer. Multimedia is one of the requirements that a current PC must be able to meet. This requires up-to-date components. Only then is the playback of high-resolution video sources possible. This includes digital video interfaces that support this resolution, for example in the form of HDMI 2.0.

Versatility is further ensured by a wide selection of interfaces. For example, if different video interfaces are available, you are free to choose the monitor. This also improves the possibility of a later upgrade. Therefore, make sure that a system has the following interfaces if versatility is important to you:

  • HDMI
  • DisplayPort
  • Thunderbolt
  • USB in various standards
  • M.2
  • SATA

PrimeMini 5

What role does sustainability play when you want to buy a desktop PC?

The topic of sustainability is becoming increasingly important to many consumers. Sustainability is also gaining importance in the IT sector. There are good reasons to pay attention to sustainability when buying a desktop PC. You also benefit from such a system.

First and foremost, it’s about operating costs. One area of sustainability is the responsible use of energy. A large part of the resources that computers require over their entire life cycle is electricity. This is partly generated from fossil fuels. That’s why sustainable computers use electricity as sparingly as possible. You benefit from efficient components through lower electricity bills.

With the PrimeBook Circular, Prime Computer presents the first sustainable notebook in its range. Another concept plays an important role here. The notebook has a modular design. It allows individual components to be easily replaced.

Notebooks and laptops in particular are often difficult to upgrade. This leads to complete devices being replaced, even though they would still be usable through an upgrade. Here you also benefit from a sustainable design. In the future, your system is easy to upgrade, which is cheaper than a completely new purchase. Find out more about the features of the PrimeBook Circular directly at Prime Computer.

PrimeBook Circular

How important is flexibility to you when buying a desktop PC?

A desktop PC is primarily intended for use in a specific location. Many immediately think of a tower that is placed under the desk. Such a system is of course not very flexible and looks very bulky under the desk.

If you value flexibility, you should take this into account when buying a desktop PC. One option is to go for a notebook. At first glance, it doesn’t offer the same features as a classic desktop PC. However, nowadays this is no longer true.

A modern notebook combines the performance of a desktop PC with the mobility of a laptop. An example is the PrimeBook Circular. The notebook can be equipped with a range of powerful CPUs up to Intel i7. This gives you the processing power of a desktop PC.

In combination with a docking station, the notebook becomes a regular desktop PC. You connect a classic keyboard and a large monitor to the docking station. With a flick of the wrist, you separate the PrimeBook Circular from the docking station. Then you have a full-fledged notebook for work on the go. This way, the notebook becomes a desktop replacement.


What role do upgradeability and component replacement play?

Not everyone thinks about the future when buying a desktop PC. What is certain is that one day your new computer will reach the limits of its performance. In this situation, it makes sense if you can increase the performance by upgrading. It’s even better if such an upgrade is as simple as possible.

This is where the concept of Circular by Design comes into play. It means that the manufacturer of a computer system allows for and enables an upgrade at a later date. Prime Computer implements the principle of Circular by Design in the PrimeBook Circular, for example.

This makes it possible to easily upgrade the individual components at a later date. The modular design makes upgrading very easy. You can easily replace and upgrade yourself. At the same time, you save money because you don’t have to buy a completely new system. The environment also benefits, as less electronic waste is produced.

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