To distribute media data such as videos, music, movies, pictures, graphics or any other form of media, dedicated media servers are suitable. They allow data to be played on countless devices simultaneously, which is an advantage both at home and in the office. The costs for this are rather low, which makes a media server worth considering for private individuals as well.

What are Media Servers?

This type of server is primarily about distributing data. On the surface, media servers are therefore no different from ordinary file servers. They are often used in companies to send data – mostly from the server to various desktop PCs, notebooks, thin clients, smartphones or other devices.

How much data can be distributed depends on the performance of the server and the data transfer rate of the network. Media servers focus on a specific type of data. As mentioned at the beginning, it is about pictures, videos, music, presentations and the like. At first it seems like a nonsensical limitation.

Why should a special media server be used when a common file server can also distribute those data? The answer lies in the client software that is installed on other devices and unlocks functions that normal server-client architectures do not offer.

Die Stärke der Media Server

The Strength of Media Servers

To illustrate what media servers do, this example helps:

You install software on the media server that captures all existing video files. For example, this could be any data ending in .mp4, .mkv, .avi, or .mov. The server will collect and automatically sort this data (such as by alphabet, year of release, length, resolution, or other properties).

With another device, such as a notebook, you can now access the server using a specific software. The program will recognize what data the server contains and provide it with an attractive user interface. In the case of movies, you could end up playing each movie with a lot of information (such as summary, actor, director, script, sound and image quality) in an attractively designed interface.

Media servers are also very popular as music servers such as Roon servers, i.e. as a library for the user’s music collection. Not only does this give the user access to all the digital music tracks he owns.

It also automatically retrieves information such as artist biographies, lyrics and concert data. This cooperation between client and server would not be possible with a conventional file server. Only the combination of client and server software makes media server valuable both at home and in companies. They adapt the media server very exactly to your requirements and specifications.

The work is therefore individual and exactly tailored to your own preferences. As a user, you decide which files you save, but also which programs you integrate to use the server. The media server is available at any time of day or night. The individual components are deliberately selected so that even continuous operation does not affect the system.

Low Maintenance and Robust – Fanless Technology

Wherever moving parts are used, wear inevitably occurs. In the case of a mechanical hardware component, this can be overcome; after all, individual parts can usually be easily replaced.

However, sensitive files are stored on the media server, so wear and tear must be prevented at all costs. The solution is a fanless construction. This not only has the advantage of reduced wear and tear and a longer service life, but also means that the server is particularly economical and quiet.

If you use the device at home, there is no reason to fear that the media server will cause sleepless nights. On the contrary: If the device is inactive, it automatically goes into an idle state, which again helps to save energy.

Outstanding Quality in all Areas

Already the elegant and noble housing of the media server shows how much love and expertise went into its construction. It consists of a special aluminium, which is optimally suited for technical components. Every single case is precisely milled.

This means that no seams are visible and the server is a real eye catcher in the office or even in the living room. Prime Computer uses raw materials in its manufacturing process that can be completely recycled as far as possible. At the end of their long service life, the individual components are returned to the cycle. For the customer, this means that in the long run, prices are consistently fair and low.

Giving Used Technology a Second Life – the Second Life Cycle

The company not only thinks about sustainability when manufacturing its own media servers, but also gives used technology a chance with the Second Life Cycle. If you no longer have any use for monitors and computers, you can usually recycle them. There is always more waste than you might think.

The Second Life Cycle not only benefits companies in structurally weak regions, but also you. You will be issued a voucher with which you can purchase a media server or other technology at a discounted price. The advantages of the Second Life Cycle are listed again below:

  • Still working devices will continue to be used
  • Excessive waste is avoided
  • Structurally weak areas receive support
  • The purchase of new technology becomes cheaper

Full Control and Independence

The cloud is a solution that makes sense, especially in the private sector. Companies that handle sensitive data expose themselves to a certain amount of danger when using cloud systems. Complete control is taken away from you, and some of the servers used are located abroad.

This is even legally questionable when storing important personal data of customers. Our own server solution guarantees that all data is stored locally. You are always in control and know exactly where the data is located.

On a local server, protective mechanisms can be set up to prevent a data breach. The individual servers are equipped with accessories that allow installation within a server rack. This is particularly useful for companies that have their own server room.

If you want to use the device in a private setting, or if one server is sufficient, you can also place it free-standing thanks to the practical feet. The robust housing is constructed in such a way that no dust can penetrate the inside of the server. The design without fan also contributes to this. This protects internal contacts and you don’t have to worry about damaging your server outside of a rack.

Vorteile der Media Server auf einen Blick

Advantages of the Media Server at a Glance

In addition to the advantages just described, there are many other plus points. These are as follows:

1. media servers consume much less power than ordinary computers. This means that you can share your data anywhere on the network. At the same time, however, the device uses only a fraction of the power of a “fully-grown” computer to distribute this data.

Prime Computer’s media servers are optimized for a particularly low power consumption, which further reduces daily consumption. In a private household, you won’t notice the additional consumption at the end of the year. Without having to spend a lot of money, you get an excellent opportunity to share data with the whole family – or with employees in the office.

2. depending on performance, media servers can be completely passively cooled. All you need is a sufficiently large hard drive capacity and a CPU that takes care of the distribution of the data. None of the components require a lot of power for daily work – and therefore the power consumption is low, which in turn reduces the waste heat of the components. Since there are no moving parts inside the media server, no fans can fail. This also means that there will be no increased dust accumulation in the device itself – which also benefits the media server’s longevity.

3 The fanless design of most media servers means you can place the device in any location without being disturbed by the noise. For example, if you place Prime Computer’s media server right next to you on a desk, you’ll still be able to concentrate on your work. With SSD hard drives, you eliminate vibrations that could be transmitted to the case.

The small footprint also makes it easier to find a suitable location for the server. In principle, the location only depends on how long your network cable is – so a storage room is just as suitable as any other place. Of course, there are many more advantages that distinguish Prime Computer’s media servers – and these will be discussed in the following sections.

Strong Network Connections Preferred

Remember that for optimal operation of a media server, you also need a network connection to distribute the data. It is possible to do this with a strong WLAN connection. However, the best way to operate media servers is to connect via Ethernet cable to a router, which then distributes the data to all desired devices.

This is especially true when streaming video content such as films: As soon as high bit rates come into play – for example, for high-resolution 1080p or 4K recordings with surround sound – the network connection should also be able to move at least several megabytes per second through the cables. WLAN connections can only do this to a limited extent.

So when you set up your media server from Prime Computer, it’s best to choose a location where you can easily run a network cable to the router. This will guarantee the best possible performance for all end devices. Wired installation is usually not a problem, as the media server is a permanent and fix installed solution anyway.

Permanente Verfügbarkeit aller Inhalte

Permanent Availability of all Content

To get easy access to media content of all kinds, you don’t need to worry about anything else with a server like this. Whether you access it from a desktop PC with massive power or a smartphone, it doesn’t matter.

You may know the scenario where you want to show certain photos to someone, but they’re on a notebook while you’re holding your tablet. Get a media server and you’ll never face this problem again: Simply access the content via browser or a specific software. It doesn’t matter where you are or what device you are using.

By the way: If you are not using the media server at the moment, it uses very little power. All hard disks will be idle while the CPU also switches to the lowest power level. The media server may be on all night, but it will not do any real work during this time. This also lowers the power consumption.

And: This also works over the Internet. Via remote access you access your server with a browser. You may have to set up a dynamic DNS address for this, but even that is not a big hurdle, as long as you have a little technical understanding. Whether you are in South Africa or in your house in Switzerland is irrelevant.

If the media server is connected to the Internet via a router, you can access your content. Again, this will work from any device. Simply expand the hard drive capacity if necessary, if the server is already filled with pictures, music or movies.

If your own data volume increases rapidly, this is no problem for the media server. Expand your system easily and quickly with additional hard drives. These can be added with a few simple steps, so that there is always enough storage space. This solution also helps you save money, as the modular design allows you to add individual and therefore cheaper elements.

A Modern Solution for Modern Working Methods

Modern working concepts are decentralized, flexible and adaptable. To implement them, modern technical solutions are needed. The working world today is defined by concepts that are specifically adapted to a project or a customer. The media server is therefore the perfect starting point for innovative and future-oriented projects.

No matter from where or with which end device the stored contents are accessed: the process always works smoothly. It makes no difference whether you are showing holiday photos to a good friend or accessing an important presentation for a long-standing customer.

The secure location of your own data makes travelling much easier and heralds an age in which you no longer have to worry about data loss or damage to data media. Flexibly and promptly you can change concepts with your employees. After all, the storage location of the data is known.

This way, you can work on projects simultaneously from many different locations. This makes communication much easier. Changes are immediately visible, and you can make adjustments from any location and at any time, provided you have the necessary approval, authorization and Internet access.

Media Server: Alle Vorteile auf einen Blick

Proven Quality from Switzerland

Switzerland is a country known for its precise and high-quality work. What applies to fine luxury watches also applies to server technology Manufactured in Switzerland. Every component that is selected is subjected to strict quality tests.

The focus is not on maximum performance, but on optimum performance. By personalizing and customizing the selected server, you will receive a device that is perfectly tailored to the needs of your industry. You don’t pay unnecessarily for components that you don’t need.

The Exchange of Components is also possible for Amateurs

The beauty of a modern and individual server solution is the possibility to increase the capacity at any time. You don’t need an experienced technician to do this – you can do it yourself with a few simple steps.

The servers are deliberately designed in such a way that conventional hard drives, but also SSDs can be added by means of an uncomplicated plug-in system. If more data accumulates over the years than you have calculated, this does not necessarily mean that a new server is necessary. If there is still a free slot inside an enclosure, the expansion is particularly easy.

Keine Probleme beim Gerätewechsel

No Problems when Changing Devices

You will notice other advantages of the media servers as soon as you change certain devices. Maybe you store important pictures, movies and co. on a notebook or PC. As soon as you buy a new device, the data will of course remain on the old laptop.

You’ll have to back them up first and then transfer them to the new laptop – a task that becomes more and more tiring as the number of devices in your household increases. A media server will help you with this: Simply store all your pictures on this server and you will always have a central location where all your data is available.

Just swap a notebook, a smartphone, a computer or whatever you want. The data is always on a server that gives you access to all media content. With the media server, there is no need for time-consuming backups before every device change or new purchase. Your data is already stored and you only need to access it from the new device. You decide yourself which data you want to store on a new device or whether access via your own server is sufficient.

The End of Overloaded and Slow Systems

With increasing age, notebooks, PCs and also external storage media become slower. Data accumulates that often nobody uses and slows down the processes. Once large amounts of data waste have accumulated over the years, sorting them becomes an almost impossible task.

Laptops, notebooks and PCs work best when the processors focus on the most important work steps and there is always enough RAM available. This also increases the service life of these devices. New purchases become less frequent and you save money. The media server helps you get the most out of all your devices.

Und die Backups?

What About the Backups?

Another important advantage of all media servers is that they are equipped with a backup function. This can also be automated. This means that you can define, for example, that the server should automatically back up all your photos every Sunday at three o’clock in the morning – perhaps to an external hard drive that you connect to the server.

The loss of data is annoying in the private sphere, in a commercial context the consequences can be serious. A media server from Prime Computer is not only characterized by energy-saving and robust hardware, but also by additional services that are on hand if you forget to back up manually or don’t have time to do so.

Data loss is then virtually impossible (unless all hard drives suffer a failure at the same time, which is extremely unlikely). You don’t have to worry about a thing, as the backup function can be easily set so that human help is not necessary.

A technical defect can never be completely ruled out, which is why the media servers are set up so that the very first time you save your data, it is automatically backed up. The server thus contributes to the security of your own data and a feeling of peace of mind. Your own files are always in good hands.

Excellent Service in all Life Situations

A modern company is more and more dependent on data and perfectly functioning technology. For this reason, Prime Computer offers a five-year warranty on its products. Even beyond that, reliable service is on hand to answer any questions or unexpected problems.

You will be assigned a personal contact person who will ensure that problems of any kind are solved in an uncomplicated and cost-effective manner. Server failures are practically a thing of the past. The regular maintenance and updating of the systems contribute to a considerable extension of their life span.

In close cooperation with you, Prime Computer ensures that your data is always safe. If your hardware and software are up to date, you can rely on the reliability and speed of the systems every day. You can easily add further variants to an already existing server.

Through precise personal consultation, the innovative server solution that takes you and your business to the next level is quickly found. Your data is safe and exactly where you have placed it. With a clear conscience you can concentrate on the important things in business life.

Media Server von Prime Computer

Media Server from Prime Computer

With the purchase of a media server of Prime Computer you buy a reliable companion for your media data. The media servers can be used in small offices as well as by private individuals who are simply looking for a secure and above all flexible place to never lose holiday pictures or the like again – and to have them available on all devices.

The Next Logical Step

As soon as you want to start your own business in the media industry or as a photographer or videographer, for example, data management becomes more and more important. Your own archives must be maintained with great care if certain files are to be retrieved even years later.

A media server of Prime Computer is designed for a long runtime and durability. This means that your data is safely stored even after years. Although other storage options are now also able to keep data for a long time, this often results in damage to individual elements.

In many cases, this damage is irreparable. A personal media server becomes the center of your own work. It is the link between individual areas. The fast and uncomplicated sharing of files, ideas and programs speeds up collaboration and contributes to the greater flexibility of your own company.

Find Your Media Server

Need help finding the right media server that fits your needs? We would be happy to help you choose the right media server. Simply register via the contact form and we will be happy to advise you on our products. Or do you prefer to inform yourself?

Here you can find your media server!

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