Many companies still use computers with large tower cases. Mini desktop PCs have clear benefits over this clunky solution. The compact systems offer you flexibility and efficiency. Find out more about the benefits and possible uses of a mini desktop PC.


What makes a Mini Desktop PC?

A mini desktop PC is a computer system that is significantly more compact than a regular PC. These systems are smaller than a DIN A5 sheet and less than six centimetres high. They also weigh little more than one kilogramme.

On the one hand, this compactness is achieved through the use of special components. These partly originate from the field of mobile systems and are therefore more compact. On the other hand, a lot of space is saved through smart solutions. For example, mini desktop PCs do not have optical drives. If you still want to read a CD or DVD, you simply connect an external drive to the mini PC.

The power supply unit of the mini desktop PCs is external. This saves a lot of space in the housing. At the same time, an external power supply reduces internal heat generation and noise.


What are the benefits of a Mini Desktop PC compared to a standard workstation?

In practice, the benefits that mini desktop PCs have compared to large computers become apparent. The central positive feature is of course the small, compact housing. Due to this, you can place a mini desktop PC in many places where a large tower would not fit.

In addition, the mini desktop PCs from Prime Computer have a VESA mount. With this, you attach the complete mini PC to the back of a monitor. The system then disappears from view. It helps to avoid tangled cables between the monitor, PC and input devices. In this way, a mini desktop PC keeps the workplace tidy.

The use of energy-efficient components offers you further benefits. For one thing, it reduces operating costs. Rising electricity prices are making the operation of computer systems more and more expensive. Economical systems are therefore interesting for companies to reduce operating costs. Furthermore, this is an important step towards sustainable IT.

On the other hand, this reduces heat generation and noise. Especially in offices, these are important factors for a pleasant, healthy working atmosphere.

These are the benefits of a mini desktop PC in a nutshell:

  • space-saving
  • silent
  • versatile
  • energy-saving
  • Environmentally friendly and resource-saving

In which areas can a mini desktop PC be used?

In principle, you can replace any regular workstation with a mini desktop PC. The compact dimensions mean that there are no restrictions on the possible uses.

The situation is much more the other way round: mini desktop PCs are significantly more flexible and versatile than their larger cousins. Their compactness opens up numerous additional possibilities for use. You can place the small PCs inconspicuously in areas where a computer would otherwise attract negative attention.

This is the case, for example, in medical practices or in hotel reception areas. Here, a PC is often necessary for data processing. At the same time, a large housing spoils the look. Mini PCs with passive cooling are also completely silent. This is also important in such scenarios so as not to disturb customers with the background noise of a computer.

Unter anderem in diesen Bereichen kannst du einen Mini Desktop PC einsetzen:

  • Replacement of standard workstations in the office
  • Multimedia PC in the conference room and similar environments
  • Dedicated system in the home office
  • Edge computing
  • Practices and other medical facilities
  • Retail
  • Customer reception, for example in hotels or gastronomy


The mini desktop PCs from Prime Computer

Die Mini Desktop PCs von Prime Computer

The base configuration of the mini desktop PCs from Prime Computer is already designed for versatility. Despite the compact housing, you will find a large number of interfaces. This ensures the functionality and expandability of the system.

USB interfaces in the 2.0A, 3.1A and 3.1C standards are available as default. This allows you to connect both current and older USB devices to your PrimeMini 5. It is also possible to connect external devices via Thunderbolt 3.

Integrating it into your network is no problem either. The PrimeMini supports Ethernet speeds of 10/100/1000 Mbps. In addition, a connection via WLAN is also possible. The PrimeMini 5 supports the modern WLAN standards 802.11n and 802.11ac. This enables WLAN transmission rates of up to 1.73 Gbit/s.

You can connect up to four monitors to the PrimeMini using an additional adapter. This is possible via the two video outputs in the HDMI 2.0a standard. This means that the PrimeMini also supports 4K resolution and is ready for the future.

Plenty of freedom for individual configurations

When you purchase new computer systems for your company, they must of course meet certain performance requirements. Especially with workstations, the requirements can vary widely. With the mini PCs from Prime Computer, you have a lot of freedom in the choice of components despite their compact size. This allows you to create systems that fit your profile exactly.

An important factor for the performance of a computer is the size of the memory. What capacity is needed depends on the task. For office PCs, for example, 8 GB RAM is more than sufficient. The PrimeMini is also available with 16 or 32 GB memory on request. So you are equipped for even the most demanding tasks.

You still have various options for the storage drives. Despite the extremely small housing, the PrimeMini 5 offers space for two data storage devices. A SATA III slot is available for a 2.5-inch SSD. There is also an M.2 slot for an NVMe SSD.

You also have various options when choosing the operating system. You can get the PrimeMini with Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019 or 2016. The system is also compatible with Linux Ubuntu and is also available from Prime Computer with this operating system. All operating systems are installed as 64-bit variants.

The right processor for your use case

The main processor (or CPU) provides the computing power for a computer. Accordingly, this component is important in the system. With the small mini desktop PCs, you don’t have to make any compromises when it comes to performance. With the PrimeMini you have the choice between different processors.

It is important to choose the right CPU for your use case. Maximum performance is not always the most important thing. An office or multimedia PC rarely benefits from very high processor performance. With an economical CPU, on the other hand, you reduce running costs because less electricity is consumed. The decisive factor is that sufficient basic performance is available.

This is the case with all options of the PrimeMini. The entry-level model is an Intel i3. This is the ideal processor for an office PC because it is economical and at the same time offers sufficient performance. With two processor cores and 8 threads, the Intel i3 enables the simultaneous calculation of four processes. This means you can work on several tasks simultaneously without your PrimeMini going lame.

With the Intel i5, you then have an option with four processor cores. Accordingly, this CPU can process even eight tasks simultaneously. The Intel Core i7 is also capable of multithreading. The top model for the PrimeMini has four processor cores with a clock frequency of up to 4.80 GHz. This system is therefore also suitable for demanding tasks such as video editing or CAD.

Contact Prime Computer today if you are interested in small and powerful mini PCs. You will receive competent and individual advice. You’ll find the right systems for your needs.

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Additional benefits of the Mini PCs from Prime Computer

The lineup of mini PCs from Prime Computer has a number of other benefits from which you as a user can profit. The compact systems such as the PrimeMini are passively cooled. This means that no fans operate in the housing. The mini PC conducts all the waste heat to the housing via a sophisticated cooling system and thus to the outside.

This means that your PrimeMini operates completely silently. Due to this feature, you can also set up the PrimeMini in places where computer noise is disturbing. In the office, for example, this increases the concentration of employees. In areas where customers come and go, unwanted computer noise is also eliminated.

Fanless concepts also improve reliability. Fans count as mechanical components. They fail more often than other components in a PC. Since Prime Computer does without such mechanical components, there are fewer malfunctions during operation.


Workstation, home office or reception – the PrimeMini fits anywhere

Workstation Homeoffice

Flexibility is one of the strengths of Prime Computer’s mini desktop PCs. Due to this feature, the PrimeMini adapts to a wide range of environments. So you have a system to choose from that you can use virtually anywhere.

The home office is currently on the rise. Entrepreneurs and employees alike have recognised the benefits of working from home. This is why this concept will become even more popular in the future. For data security, it is important that a company PC is available to employees in the home office.

The mini desktop PCs are the ideal solution for this. The circumstances in the home office are very different. There is not always much space available. A mini PC like the PrimeMini takes up little space, is silent and economical. At the same time, it is powerful and has many ports. This makes the PrimeMini the ideal choice for the home office.

In retail, gastronomy or the hotel industry, there are always areas where there is direct contact with customers. Often a PC is necessary to provide services and enable data processing. Mini desktop PCs are predestined for these situations. You can place the systems directly at the reception and hide them well due to their compactness.

Since the PrimeMini is also completely silent, the system is absolutely unobtrusive. This makes Prime Computer’s mini PCs optimal solutions for such scenarios.

Operating under difficult conditions – the PrimeMini is the right choice

In addition, there are various scenarios that pose a particular challenge for computers. These are, for example, areas where there is a high level of dust or dirt. It often prevents the use of a computer.

The PrimeMini, on the other hand, is suitable for these situations. With IP51 certification, this mini PC is protected against dust and dirt penetration. This is achieved by the passive cooling system. Thus, no outside air is needed to cool the components and the system is effectively airtight. This allows it to be used as a rugged PC.

So you can equip your workshop or a production area with the PrimeMini and not have to worry about dust. With regard to IoT, Industry 4.0 and edge computing, there are always new applications for computers in such situations. The PrimeMini is also the right choice here as a robust and powerful rugged PC.

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