You probably know the typical noise of a computer. The monotonous whirring provides a constant background noise and can be heard in every office. But what many people don’t know: There is another way! Silent PCs are the solution. With these systems, the annoying background noise is a thing of the past.

Why Do Silent Pcs Not Produce Any Noise When in Use?

There are two factors that ensure that a silent PC makes no noise when in use. One is the absence of mechanical components. These primarily include fans. But classic hard disks also have mechanical parts that make noise during operation. The other factor is the cooling concept. Silent PCs rely on passive cooling.

Stability and Silence: Absence of Mechanical Components

Silent PCs operate without fans and other mechanical components. Traditional PCs, workstations and servers contain numerous fans. These are installed in various places in the housing. But silent PCs manage completely without them.

Every standard system has a processor fan. This applies to workstations as well as servers and most laptops. Furthermore, the vast majority of power supply units installed internally in PCs are cooled by a fan. In addition, there are often further housing fans in a system. Thus, a classic PC quickly has three, four or even more fans.

As a result, such a number of fans generates noise. Over time, the noise level of systems with fans also increases. Enclosure fans are comparatively cheap components. The bearings wear out or suffer a defect. Both lead to the fans emitting significantly more noise. Silent PCs, on the other hand, are permanently silent.

Silent PCs also use the more modern SSDs instead of classic HDDs. Unlike an HDD, an SSD is based on flash memory. They do not have any mechanical or moving components, such as write and read heads on HDDs. Accordingly, an SSD does not make any noise during operation.

By eliminating mechanical components, you benefit from more than just silence. Mechanical components are known to be vulnerable. A silent PC without moving parts is therefore also more reliable than a classic computer.

The Passive Cooling Concept: A Guarantee for Quietness

The foundation for dispensing with fans for cooling the CPU, power supply unit and enclosure is a passive cooling concept. This must be well thought out and individually designed for the system. The passive cooling concept takes over the dissipation of heat energy. To ensure that this works effectively and quickly, the entire system is consistently optimised for such passive cooling.

An important part of passive cooling is the computer enclosure. With passive cooling, the housing dissipates a large part of the heat to the environment. This is achieved through two techniques.

On the one hand, heat pipes are used in the housing. These are designed for the rapid dissipation of heat. The heat pipes connect the components where the waste heat is generated, for example the processor with the case.

On the other hand, special enclosures help to dissipate heat effectively. The housings of Prime Computer devices, for example, are made entirely of aluminium. On the one hand, this light metal is known for its good heat conductivity. Only precious metals such as silver or gold offer better properties. Thus, an all-aluminium enclosure absorbs heat well and at the same time releases it quickly into the environment.

Plus, another upside is that an all-aluminium enclosure is very light and yet robust. For these reasons, aluminium is the ideal choice for the housing of a silent PC.

What Are the Benefits of a Silent PC?

Welche Vorteile bietet ein lautloser PC

The key advantage of a silent PC is, of course, complete silence. Thanks to this feature, a silent PC can be used in many areas where a normal computer is inappropriate. A good example is the use as a workstation computer in a library. Particular importance is attached to silence there.

Have you ever encountered an office where there is no computer noise at all? In offices, workstation computers are part of the normal equipment. In most rooms there are several systems at the same time. This makes for a constant background noise. This disturbs concentration while working. With Silent PCs you build a completely silent infrastructure.

These are the advantages of silent PCs at a glance:

  • Silent operation
  • Concentrated work possible in the immediate environment
  • Ideal for areas with customer contact
  • Reliable and durable

The Benefits of Silent Servers

But you also benefit from a silent PC in other areas. There are silent servers, for example. Servers in particular are among the noisiest computer systems there are. With servers, value is seldom placed on the background noise. This is due to two reasons.

Firstly, servers are often housed in their own areas. No personnel are permanently present in these server rooms or data centres. For this reason, little importance is attached to quiet components.

Secondly, the servers are often optimised for space. Accordingly, the enclosures are cramped. This easily leads to a build-up of heat. Manufacturers meet this challenge with extremely powerful fans that also operate at high speeds. This creates a significantly higher noise level than you are used to from desktop PCs.

With a silent server, however, you have the same advantages as with a silent PC. You no longer have to hide the servers in a separate area to protect yourself from the noise. You can place the systems where you need them.

This is especially interesting for small and medium-sized companies. Here there is usually only one or two servers for the whole company. A separate server room is not needed. Simply place the servers where it suits you.


In Which Scenarios Are the Benefits of Silent Pcs Most Evident?

In welchen Szenarien spielen lautlose PCs ihre Vorteile aus

There are many ways in which you can benefit from the features of a silent PC. You can use a silent system as a music or media server. Prime Computer’s small and silent servers are unobtrusive and do not disturb anyone.

Conference rooms also require powerful and quiet IT equipment. Here, the compact and silent mini PCs from Prime Computer are also the right choice. You can position the silent PCs anywhere you like. Thanks to integrated WLAN, the PrimeServer ProPrimeServer Pro is particularly flexible and does not need any annoying cables.

Other scenarios where silent PCs are beneficial include areas where there is customer traffic. In many cases, you don’t want computer noise to disturb your guests or customers. At the same time, you need a computer for service.

In practice, there are countless scenarios that fit this description. For example, doctor’s offices, restaurants, retail shops or the reception of a hotel. A silent PC can be placed anywhere you need a computer. Since the PrimeMini 5, for example, is also extremely small, such a system is not visually unpleasant.


Silent PCs from Prime Computer

Prime Computer specialises in compact and silent computer systems. You will therefore find numerous PCs and servers in the Prime Computer portfolio, all of which operate completely noise-free. With the individual configuration, you have the possibility to put together a system exactly according to your needs. Find out more about the mini PCs and servers from Prime Computer here.

Workstation, Medical PC or Embedded System – The Silent Mini Pcs From Prime Computer

The PrimeMini series from Prime Computer consists of classic workstation PCs in a silent and compact form. Despite the small design and passive cooling, you don’t have to do without anything with the PrimeMini.

In addition, powerful processors from the current Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 series are available for the PrimeMini 5. The PrimeMini 5 can accommodate up to 32 GB RAM. So you have enough memory even for demanding applications.

A PrimeMini has neither a fan nor other mechanical components. This means the computer is completely silent in operation. This makes the PrimeMini 5 ideal for a wide range of tasks. You can use the PrimeMini in the following functions, for example:

  • regular desktop PC in the office or home office
  • robust rugged PC in workshops or production areas
  • Medical PC in surgeries, laboratories or hospitals
  • Digital signage as a control system for advertising or information boards
  • Embedded system for monitoring or controlling certain functions
  • Small file server

The Silent Servers From Prime Computer

Die lautlosen Server von Prime Computer

With the PrimeServer Pro, Prime Computer also offers a fully-fledged and completely silent server. Silent PCs are a rarity, especially in the server sector.

Despite the compact design and the silent concept with passive cooling, you don’t have to fear any restrictions. Like regular servers, the PrimeServer Pro is compatible with 19-inch racks. In addition, you receive feet so that you can set up the PrimeServer Pro anywhere.

When it comes to processors, you can choose between different models from the Intel Xeon D series. These server CPUs with four, eight or twelve cores offer sufficient performance for a wide range of server applications.

You can also install up to six hard disks in a PrimeServer Pro via SATA and SAS. With up to 128 GB ECC RAM, you also have the option of equipping your PrimeServer Pro with plenty of RAM. Of course, upgrades are also possible at a later date.

With its features, the PrimeServer Pro is an extremely flexible and adaptable server system. For example, you can place the PrimeServer Pro directly in the office. This is particularly interesting for start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises. Here, the PrimeServer Pro does not disturb the employees, as it works completely silently.

This is also interesting for companies that need servers for their daily work. These could be application developers, for example. Direct access to the platform is thus possible. In contrast, developers control classic servers in the data centre via remote access. However, direct access to the system is often very helpful, especially for experimental setups and configurations.

The PrimeServer Pro is suitable for these and other tasks:

  • central application and data server for SMEs
  • file and mail server
  • server for development environments
  • compact server for companies with limited space
  • music and media server in the home
  • backup server in the office
  • web server
  • control or monitoring server

For Special Applications and the Future: The Silent Primemini Iot

Für Spezialanwendungen und die Zukunft: Der lautlose PrimeMini IoT

The PrimeMini IoT is a very special representative in the Prime Computer range. Like the other systems, the PrimeMini IoT is silent and has no mechanical components.

The PrimeMini IoT is a particularly compact system designed for use in the IoT sector. Thus, the PrimeMini IoT is predestined for use as:

  • Edge Gateway
  • Thin client in the office
  • Control of outdoor advertising and information (DooH)
  • Central control for security systems
  • Compact computer in retail
  • Access point for Internet access

With its economical hardware, the PrimeMini IoT is inexpensive to maintain. This opens up the possibility for specific tasks, for example as an access point for the Internet or as a control server. The PrimeMini IoT performs all these tasks completely silently. This means you can place the system in public areas or centrally in the office.

If you have any questions about silent PCs or specific products, you can always contact Prime Computer. You will receive professional and individual advice on all aspects of silent PCs.

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