What makes our mini-PCs sustainable?

Computers have become an integral part of our everyday lives. However, what people think less about when it comes to this topic is sustainability. Both the production and the use of conventional PCs generate huge amounts of CO2 and consume precious resources. In addition, we need to consider what happens to our hardware after use – this is another important aspect of the way to a more sustainable IT world.

Smartly designed

  • Low power consumption: a PrimeMini runs on only 13 watts on average, about 20% of a conventional desktop PC.
  • Longer product life: thanks to the durable and fanless design, we ‘promise a longer life cycle and provide a 5-year warranty on our products.
  • High reliability and low failure rate: thanks to the fanless and mechanic-free design, you can rely on our products.
  • Easily adapts to your needs: since the components are easily accessible, we enable an uncomplicated expansion or replacement of RAM and SSD.

Sustainable actions

  • Give IT hardware a second life: you can return used hardware to us and it will then be put to a second use. This is ecologically much more advantageous than direct recycling. Learn more about this.
  • Planting trees: we plant two trees for every PrimeMini or PrimeServer sold.
  • Climate-neutral operation: since 2020, we have been working in a completely climate-neutral manner at our headquarters in St.Gallen, and by the end of 2021, we aim to manufacture all our products along the entire production chain in a climate-neutral manner through CO2 savings and compensation.
PrimeMini 5 Video

Reduce CO2 with PrimeMinis

With our sustainability calculator, you can see for yourself how much CO2 is saved by using our energy-efficient mini-PCs.

The CO2 and operating cost savings calculation on this page are calculated for a period of 5 years, a daily operating time of 8 hours, and an energy price of USD 0.28 per kilowatt-hour. This corresponds to the warranty period of the PrimeMini. The PrimeMinis are designed for even longer product life and 24/7 operation. So the actual savings can be significantly higher. For the operating cost calculation, we assume a warranty period of 3 years for the comparison product.

CO2 Savings

The CO2 savings add up in five years when using PrimeMini 5 computers to an amount of:

- kg

Operating cost savings

In addition to the CO2 savings, the use of the mini-PCs can save operating costs in the amount of (exact calculation here):


What does that mean in comparison?

The amount of CO2 saved corresponds to the CO2 footprint of:

  • Toilet paper

  • Strawberries

  • Car ride with middle class car

  • Economy flights from Zurich to Berlin per person

  • Train rides from Zurich to Berlin per person

  • Beef

  • Smartphone Lifecycles

  • Streaming

  • Avocados




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