Companies’ requirements for hardware and especially servers are clearly defined. Above all, they must be reliable and work as efficiently as possible. Also important are possibilities for upgrading as well as low maintenance costs. Windows Mini Servers fulfil this profile and are therefore a good choice in many scenarios.


What characterises a Windows Mini Server?

A mini server differs from other servers primarily in its design. Classic servers for the IT infrastructure have a standardised 19-inch design. This means they fit into racks and server cabinets. This creates infrastructures in server rooms and data centres that can be expanded at will. Factors such as space, level of noise and heat generation hardly play a role here.

This is different with mini servers. These are housed in particularly compact casings. This makes it possible to place the systems in unusual locations. The decentralised IT infrastructure thus becomes a reality with a mini system.


These are the benefits of Windows Mini Server

The compact servers show their benefits in everyday use. Due to Windows as the operating system, they are compatible with the majority of all server applications. Control is also simple, as no special knowledge is required for operation.

Mini servers are appropriate wherever space is critical. Self-employed people, commercial or gastronomic businesses and companies with limited space usually do not have their own IT room. A small and quiet mini server, on the other hand, can be placed in many locations in the company.

Mini servers are equipped with economical and energy-efficient hardware. This is an advantage in the long term. The mini servers have very low operating costs. This has a positive effect on your balance sheet. Especially small businesses benefit from an economical IT infrastructure in times of constantly rising electricity costs.

These factors make a strong case for Windows Mini Servers:

  • energy-saving in operation
  • space-saving
  • suitable for almost all server tasks due to the Windows platform
  • flexibly usable
  • low-maintenance


Mini server: Possible uses

A great benefit of the small servers is their flexibility. Due to their compact dimensions, these systems can be used where regular servers are impractical. Also helpful is the low noise level emanating from such systems.

This makes it possible to use the mini server in areas where a large computer is a disturbance. This is the case, for example, in the retail, catering or hospitality industries. The same applies to use in doctors’ practices and the medical industry in general. Especially here, the low noise level of these systems plays an important role.

Due to the powerful hardware, there are basically no restrictions on Windows Mini Servers’ possible uses. Like their big brothers, they can be used as application or web servers as well as central data storage or database servers. At the same time, the power-saving hardware allows round-the-clock operation. This results in significantly lower operating costs than with ordinary servers.

With Windows Mini Servers, it is also possible to set up a decentralised IT infrastructure. In the classic infrastructure, the servers are centrally located together in one place. The network is built around this server room. Mini servers, on the other hand, can also be integrated at the edge of the network. There they provide server applications and computing power where they are needed, for example, in manufacturing.

Possible areas of use of a Windows Mini Server are:

  • as a direct replacement for a conventional server
  • application or data server in the office and home office
  • as a server for backups
  • in the catering trade and retail as a high-performance server on site
  • in practices and other medical facilities for the provision of applications and computing power
  • as an edge server and for the integration of edge devices at the edge of the network
  • for IoT as an economical, compact and at the same time powerful server
  • in industry and manufacturing as a robust and flexible server in the production area
  • as an energy-efficient server for the provision of 24/7 services


Who are Windows Mini Servers suitable for?

One benefit of the compact mini server is flexibility. Such smaller, economical servers are suitable for applications where absolute computing power is not the most important factor. This is the case in many situations. Then Windows Mini Servers are the right choice. Due to their frugality, they work much more economically than a high-end server.

Such a Windows Mini Server is a good option for small businesses, freelancers or start-ups. Here there are usually only a few users and the servers are under a low load. More important, however, is that the applications and services are available reliably and around the clock. For example, you can run a web service on such a server.

Companies that have several branch offices are also predestined for mini servers. With these small, economical servers, it is possible to set up a decentralised IT infrastructure. Services that are only needed locally at one location are then installed locally on the mini server. In this way, data transmission via the internet is avoided.

Mini servers as specialised systems for clearly defined tasks

ini-Server als spezialisierte Systeme für klar definierte Aufgaben

The mini servers are also suitable for setting up test environments and as development servers. Many scenarios are feasible here. Companies need such systems for the optimisation or development of new applications. Test servers are also used before new software environments are rolled out. A mini server is perfectly suited for such tasks.

Another option is to use a Windows Mini Server as a dedicated mail server. Mail servers usually have a low load, so they require less powerful hardware. However, it is important that the mail server is always accessible and highly reliable. A mini server fulfils these points.

The mini servers are also well suited for expanding existing computing capacities. A large, extremely powerful server is not always needed. You may only want to cover a certain function with a mini server. Possible scenarios are, for example, real-time monitoring of certain sensors or storage. The mini server then covers exactly these tasks.

Perhaps you primarily rely on cloud services in your company. In these cases, the IT infrastructure on-premise is usually less developed. There may not be any servers at all. Storing data in the cloud has the downside that the security of the data is out of your control. The server may also be located abroad. Data protection laws may require higher data security.

This is the case, for example, with business-critical applications or person-related information. Local storage is often the only alternative. With a Windows Mini Server, you can quickly create a local environment. If necessary, you can completely separate the mini server from the network. This ensures a very high level of security, which is impossible in the cloud.


Windows Mini Server from the Prime Computer product portfolio

Prime Computer offers you several options that you can use as a Windows Mini Server. First, there is the PrimeServer Pro. This is designed as a fully-fledged server for the complete spectrum of possible uses. You can use the PrimeServer Pro as a database, application or multimedia server, as well as in many other functions.

Among the features of the PrimeServer Pro are the diverse configuration options. The Intel Xeon processors are available in variants with up to twelve processor cores. This provides sufficient computing power – even for demanding applications. Furthermore, the PrimeServer Pro has up to 128 GB of memory. This is particularly useful for large databases and complex applications.

Despite its compact design, up to seven SSD hard drives fit in the PrimeServer Pro. This means you can easily provide several terabytes of storage capacity. Expansion at a later date is quick and easy due to hot-swap.

With a mounting kit that comes as standard with the PrimeServer Pro, mounting in a 19-inch server rack is possible. The PrimeServer Pro is also equipped with feet and designed to be placed anywhere.

PrimeMini as a mini server

PrimeMini als Mini-Server

You can also use a PrimeMini as a mini server. The models in the PrimeMini series are even more compact than the PrimeServer Pro. With a width of less than 18 cm and a height of only 5.5 cm, the PrimeMini is ready for use even in limited spaces. If you are interested in a mini server, contact Prime Computer today.

The PrimeMini is particularly well suited for performing smaller tasks for SMEs and start-ups. This is where the systems show their full strength. Due to the economical components, the energy requirement is very low. This means that such a system’s running costs are even lower than for already economical servers such as the PrimeServer Pro.

The special features of Prime Computer’s mini servers

Prime Computer devices have several special features from which you benefit. One of these special features is the consistent elimination of mechanical components. In addition to fans, this includes conventional hard disks as well.

The mini servers from Prime Computer have a fanless cooling concept. Passive cooling ensures operation within a healthy temperature range at all times, even under full load. Due to this feature, the systems from Prime Computer are completely silent. This allows you to place the mini servers directly in the work environment without creating disturbing background noise.

Doing without mechanical components has another crucial benefit. Such components are maintenance-intensive and increase the failure rate. Servers that do without mechanical parts are therefore more reliable in operation. Especially with applications that run on a Windows Mini Server, reliability in continuous operation plays a central role.

Besides, the mini servers from Prime Computer are housed in a closed casing made of solid aluminium. Due to this feature, the servers are dirt and dust resistant. The PrimeMini, for example, has IP51 certification. This is of great benefit if you are looking for a server needed directly in the production area. This can be the case in manufacturing as well as in trade.

Green IT and efficient operation go hand in hand with Windows Mini Servers from Prime Computer

Green IT und effizienter Betrieb gehen bei Windows Mini-Servern von Prime Computer Hand in Hand

The topics of environmental protection and responsible use of resources have now also arrived in IT. More and more companies are paying attention to a green profile. This has various reasons, as well as different positive effects on your everyday business.

First of all, there are running costs. These are particularly interesting from an entrepreneurial point of view. In particular, electricity costs should be mentioned here. Power-saving servers such as the PrimeServer Pro operate much more efficiently than regular servers. This is a particularly decisive factor for servers, as these systems are often in continuous operation.

Another point is the impact on the reputation of your company. Many consumers and customers value companies that are acting responsibly with the environment and resources. By consistently using energy-saving and environmentally friendly IT, it is possible to make your company more sustainable. On the one hand, you benefit from lower operating costs and, on the other hand, from enhancing your company’s brand reputation.

Prime Computer’s mini servers are dimensioned so that they provide as much power as possible. This approach makes it possible to rely consistently on power-saving components. This further reduces energy requirements and improves eco-balance.

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