Powerful servers based on latest Windows server operating systems ensure the best possible performance of your applications in all conceivable scenarios. Due to the different configuration options, you buy exactly the Windows server that fits the needs of your company. And Swiss quality guarantees longevity even in 24/7 operation.

Why do I need a PrimeServer Pro?

The product line is designed to support you in small and medium business environments. In general, these Windows servers are ideal for the following areas:

  • It allows you to bring together data and applications that are normally stored on the desktops and notebooks in your company on a single central server. This saves administration and storage costs.
  • A PrimeServer Pro is ideal for servers that are responsible for backups or developer environments, and even as a mail server, they provide a reliable service for sending and receiving email.
  • Windows servers are powerful enough to be considered for areas such as processing high-performance data, hosting business-critical applications or monitoring mass storage and server data
  • …. and much more!

Because of the up-to-date hardware in every PrimeServer Pro, you are free to choose the purpose of use yourself. From a simply constructed mail server to a central location for a new infrastructure setup, these devices can be used for everything that is usually required in SMEs.

The hardware of the PrimeServer Pro

Die Hardware des PrimeServer Pro

Modern companies are always faced with the problem of finding a suitable server for data, applications, mail, web or other areas. That’s why PrimeServer Pro models offer you broad scalability. This allows you to adapt the components to the real needs of your company and you spend exactly what your IT budget allows.

Specifically, the servers are composed of the following components:

  • CPU
    You can choose between the latest Xeon-D processors from Intel with four, eight or twelve cores. On the one hand, this allows you to cover application areas that benefit from high single-core performance. On the other hand, the high maximum number of CPU cores and hyperthreading ensure that parallelizable tasks are processed very quickly.
  • Storage
    With six SATA/SAS ports for HDDs or SSDs, you decide whether the cheaper capacity of classic HDDs or the fast access times of data center SSDs are your priority. With the additional M.2 port, you can connect PCIe-enabled NVMe SSDs to the PrimeServer Pro with extremely fast transfer rates – ideal wherever a lot of data is transferred.
  • RAM
    From very small configurations up to 128 GB of error-correcting ECC-RAM, all configurations are available. Even very large databases can be conveniently hosted on PrimeServer Pro without any performance drops in daily use.
  • Network
    A total of eight LAN ports with up to 10 Gbit/s bandwidth are available to transfer data directly to other computers or routers in the company.
  • RAID
    RAID levels 0, 1, 5 and 10 are available for particularly high speeds, improved data security or a hybrid concept. In this way, you can create all the conditions from high data redundancy to maximum speed to ensure a trouble-free and productive workflow with the server.In addition, there are solutions for connections via Wi-Fi or LTE, redundant power supplies for maximum reliability, SIM card slots for connecting to a mobile network, numerous USB connections for external peripherals and much more. Prime Computer’s staff will be happy to give you detailed advice on hardware if you need a more in-depth analysis of the server components.

Silent and powerful

SMEs in particular are often faced with limited choice of space for a new server in their offices – because renting larger premises is expensive. However, performance-oriented servers often generate a considerable amount of noise due to the necessary cooling solutions.

This, in turn, keeps employees away from their workflow and reduces productivity. With this in mind, the PrimeServer Pro with Windows Server has been designed to operate completely fanless – even under heavy load. The entire housing is made of robust metal, which helps to dissipate heat in all directions without a constant airflow. The server is therefore completely silent.

This applies both when you place the new server in a rack and when you place it free-standing. The standard size of 19″ means that you can easily fit the PrimeServer Pro into any existing server racks in your company. There is no separate server room? Then the silent PrimeServer Pro is an intelligent choice to avoid excessive noise pollution.

Invisible benefits of a PrimeServer Pro

Unsichtbare Vorteile eines PrimeServer Pro

Many benefits of the fanless concept of these Windows servers are not apparent at first glance. However, this does not make them any less valuable, which becomes clear on a closer look at these benefits.

Since silent operation is achieved by eliminating the need for fans, this also means that – when using an SSD drive – there are no moving parts in the server. This in turn means that no mechanical wear and tear occurs. As a result, maintenance costs are drastically reduced. Because where there is no wear and tear, the maintenance requirement is drastically reduced.h.

So when you purchase a PrimeServer Pro, you can also expect to spend much less money on maintenance and support in the years to come. The mechanics-free design further increases the reliability of these servers. The server is immune to vibrations, and where no fans are available, no heat accumulation can occur when these fans fail.

On top of that, the elimination of separate fans means that electricity costs are reduced compared to similar solutions. Although the lion’s share of the power requirement is covered by the hardware, even fan solutions require power that develops into measurable sums over the years. Last but not least, you’re even helping the environment, as the amount of energy needed for everyday use is limited.

Typical areas of application for PrimeServer Pro

Typische Einsatzbereiche des PrimeServer Pro

Due to the flexibility mentioned above, there are few limits to the application range of this product series. However, these devices are often found in such diverse fields as gastronomy, medicine, and hospitals in general, in hotels or of course in the office.

The fast, reliable help that results from the geographical proximity to customers in Switzerland sets Prime Computer apart from the competition, because customers have a direct contact person on-site and not in a call center in another country. The advantages of this are immediately apparent when a problem occurs and rapid assistance is required.

Due to the flexible scalability, you will get exactly what you need for your business. You don’t buy the maximum, but the optimal performance – without computing power, which in the end lies idle, but for which you still have to pay with other manufacturers.

In other words: The PrimeServer Pro’s areas of application are extremely diverse – not least due to the use of Windows Server, which ensures compatibility with practically all Windows-specific applications. From open-plan offices to small hotel reception areas, where every square centimetre of space is valuable, these devices are successfully in use.

Compact design for versatile placement

Kompaktes Design für vielseitige Platzierbarkeit

The PrimeServer Pro also impresses with its attractive yet understated design. It can be freely positioned on the supplied feet and is not distracting either through noise or lack of aesthetics.

This reduces the space required, which – as already mentioned – is particularly beneficial to SMEs with smaller premises. Due to the passive cooling, no air is sucked into the interior of the server – which keeps dust and other particles out of the server’s interior.

Why does my company need its own servers?

In times of the cloud, where almost everything is outsourced, this is a legitimate question. There are numerous reasons why you can benefit from an investment in your own servers:

  • You are always in full control – not only of your data but of the hardware itself. Physical access to the mass storage devices that hold the company’ s data is a major gain in security for your own data and that of customers.
  • With your own server, you are independent of changes in the infrastructure of cloud providers. If a cloud service stops working or if there are changes in the price structure for renting cloud servers, you are directly affected. Having your own servers gives you independence and increased financial security.
  • Data protection, the never-ending history of IT: In order to secure confidential company data and information from customers, great efforts are required. As a matter of principle, this data is always outsourced to third parties in the cloud, which means there is always a security risk that can be avoided.
  • The security of data can be less accurately controlled on external servers. Security leaks with millions of stolen data records are now more the rule than the exception in the news. When backing up data on your own servers, the risk of data loss is significantly reduced, as SMEs are not usually targets for data thieves.

Today, in the era of streaming and cloud dominance, there are still many arguments for investing in your own servers. With a PrimeServer Pro, you can be sure that you are making the right hardware choice.

Easy upgradeability

The modular concept of this series means that you can replace individual components or expand the server’s hardware if necessary. You can exchange drives, equip the server with more memory or simply remove or insert HDDs and SSDs during operation by hot-swap capability.

The numerous inspection openings make it possible to access and swap all important components without much effort – even without expensive maintenance personnel from the manufacturer. So you don’t just buy a server of this kind for the next few months or one or two years, but for a long period of time – due to the possibility of upgrading everything at will.

Because Prime Computer is convinced of the quality of its own hardware, you receive a five-year warranty and competent support. You don’t like something about the Windows Server? Then simply test the product and send it back within 30 days if you don’t like it. Within this period you will receive a 100% refund.

Conclusion: the best components for Windows Server

The powerful components in PrimeServer Pro and the use of Windows Server as the operating system guarantee high compatibility with your applications and flawless performance in everyday use. The fanless concept is ideal for SMEs without a lot of space.

This way you can do away with elaborately cooled server rooms and rely on the low-maintenance cooling concept. In the long term, this will save you costs in areas such as maintenance and care, and you can upgrade the PrimeServer Pro yourself if necessary. If you have any questions, Prime Computer’s support team is ready to help you. Prime Computer is looking forward to hearing from you!

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