Robust assistant in the construction industry

Switzerland’s construction industry has recorded positive figures over the past ten years. Every segment of the main construction industry is benefiting from a healthy economy with record-breaking turnover figures. Construction is another segment where IT has advanced to become an essential element. As in industry, Prime Computer products are also at work in the construction segment, where they are renowned for their flexibility and ruggedness.

Ready for any climate

Conventional PCs are soon pushed to their limits when conditions on the construction site are dirty or humid because of a lack of doors or windows. Building sites represent a special challenge to IT equipment due to climate conditions. Products from Prime Computer meet the necessary specifications and are perfectly protected from dust and humidity thanks to their design. Even extreme temperatures are not a problem for the products from east Switzerland.

Efficient under demanding conditions

Construction companies using Prime Computer products significantly improve productivity on their building sites. That’s because PrimeMinis bring the latest information and communication technology to the construction site. The result gives users an advantage: high performance, safety and robustness enable users to work even under demanding conditions. Prime Computer products have an extremely low probability of failure compared to their competitors and therefore adopt responsibility for virtually uninterrupted operation. Whether humidity, dust or vibration – the rugged products from St. Gallen prove themselves day in, day out in tough conditions on many construction sites.

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