PCs and servers for schools and universities

Learning and working with the computer is part of everyday life at schools and universities. In educational institutions, PCs and servers are used at different locations and for a variety of purposes. Be it as a learning and working PC for students, as a PC for presentations in classrooms or as an office PC for teachers and employees. Prime Computer’s fanless mini-PCs and servers are ideal for these use-cases in schools and universities.


Silent allrounder

Whoever learns and works concentrated on a computer appreciates a PC that does not disturb you with fan noise. The completely silent mini-PCs from Prime Computer can be placed directly on the desk due to their compact form and silence. This way, USB sticks with learning content or third party devices can be easily connected.

With the PrimeMini, one and the same PC model can be used for presentation, learning, and office computers. This creates positive synergy effects for installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.


Easy maintenance

All Prime Computer products are free of mechanics and equipped with high-quality brand components. Significantly less hardware maintenance is required than for conventional PCs with fans. In addition, business hardware features such as Intel vPro offer the possibility of remote maintenance even at BIOS level.

Because extremely energy-efficient components are used in the mini-PCs and servers, Prime Computer products need less power. Together with the long product life cycle and our environmental initiatives, this gives you true “Green IT” products.


PrimeMini 5

Prime Computer benefits for education

  • Cost savings with extremely low power consumption and long product life
  • Meet sustainability requirements with lower energy consumption, long product life and prime computer environmental initiatives
  • Low maintenance with fanless and mechanic-free design and high-quality components.
  • Hardware business features allow remote maintenance at BIOS level
  • Easy installation even where space is limited with the ultra-compact form factor of Mini PCs
  • No loss of the concentration due to absolute silence
  • Synergy effects with one product for offices and classrooms
  • More accurate cost planning due to very high reliability and 5-year warranty

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