PCs and servers for gastronomy

Digital services are becoming increasingly important in the food and beverage sector and this requires the right hardware. Prime Computer mini-PCs and servers are designed with features to benefit the food and beverage industry. Our customers appreciate the compact form factor and the high reliability of the products, even when placed in rooms with greasy ambient air.

Resistant to dirt and grease

Due to the closed aluminium housing, all Prime Computer products are extremely robust and resistant to dirt, dust and grease. Thus, the Mini-PCs and servers can be used directly in production rooms or even kitchens.

Thanks to the fanless design and the protective aluminium housing, the PCs and servers from Prime Computer meet high hygiene standards. No germs are spread by air turbulence. The housing can be easily cleaned and disinfected.

Designed for permanent use

The PrimeMini desktop PCs are completely silent, extremely small and look high-quality. This makes the PCs ideal for use in the front end of restaurants or shops where customers can see the PCs. In addition, the PrimeMinis are designed for embedded solutions and continuous operation. An order terminal can be equipped with the same hardware as the internal office PCs or regular cash registers. This results in cost-saving synergy effects during installation and during operation.

PrimeComputer Gastronomie

Prime Computer benefits for your gastronomy business

  • Very high reliability and low failure rate even when used in greasy ambient air
  • Ultra-compact form factor and suitability for 24/7 operations enable embedded systems
  • Meets high hygiene requirements thanks to the fanless design
  • Can be used in ambient temperatures from -20 to +50 degrees Celsius
  • Minimal power consumption reduces operating costs
  • Synergy effects thanks to one product for all uses
  • Server freely placeable, dirt-resistant and completely silent, no separate server room required
  • Long product life cycle thanks to wear-free concept and high-quality components, lower conversion and acquisition costs
  • Fast and competent help thanks to local support from real experts

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