PCs and servers for hospitals and clinics

Computers that are installed in hospitals or clinics must meet high hygienic standards in order to minimize the risk of infection transmission. Our fanless devices do not swirl around germs and can be easily disinfected, ensuring that you achieve your hygiene standards. Our clients have successfully used our products in operating theatres, intensive care and isolation wards, laboratories and patient rooms.

Germ-free thanks to passive cooling

All Prime Computer products are passively cooled. There are no air currents that could distribute bacteria or other germs. In addition, the smooth aluminium housing is easy to clean and can be disinfected.

All products are completely silent, no fan or other mechanical parts generate noise. The Mini PCs and servers can thus be placed directly in patient and treatment rooms.

Maintenance-free continuous operation

The PrimeMinis are ideal for embedded systems, e.g. in medical carts. Thanks to high-quality “business” components as well as the mechanics-free and therefore wear-free construction, the Prime Computer mini-PCs and servers are designed for maintenance-free continuous operation.

The operating costs can be kept low due to the very low energy consumption of the highly efficient Prime Computer products.

Ärzte und medizinische Praxen

Prime Computer benefits for hospitals and clinics

  • Meets high hygiene requirements thanks to fanless design
  • Suitable for embedded systems
  • Designed for 24/7 operation, due to high-quality components and mechanical-free construction
  • Reduced operating costs thanks to minimal energy consumption
  • A common device for office and patient areas creates synergy effects
  • Lower conversion costs thanks to long product life cycle
  • Can be installed in patient rooms, thanks to its compact form and silence
  • Fast and competent help thanks to local support from real experts

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