PCs and servers for hotels

Digitalisation has found its way into many areas of the hotel industry. Today, no hotel can survive without digital services, such as an automated online booking tool. In the hotel building computers are needed at various locations to meet the demands of today’s guests. Be it at the reception desk, as guest workstations in the lobby, in business centres and conference rooms, in guest rooms, keyword smart rooms or at the workplace of employees.

The silent eye-catcher

The hotel industry has special requirements for the IT hardware used. The Prime Computer products can fulfill these special demands. For use at the reception, in conference rooms or in the guest rooms, the PCs may only take up a small amount of space. Attractive design and silence are crucial in places where guests can see the PCs.

Reliability, a long warranty, low power consumption and high configurability are prerequisites for keeping operating costs low and being able to reliably plan the total cost of ownership.

Save energy

The durability of Prime Computer products, the very low energy consumption and the Prime Computer environmental initiatives help to achieve the sustainability goals of your hotel.

The Prime Computer servers are also completely silent thanks to the fanless design. The servers can be set up virtually anywhere on the included stands. Even hotels without a server room can operate their own servers, for example for a hybrid cloud solution or for managing particularly sensitive data.

Der PrimeMini 4 im Hotel

Prime Computer benefits for your hotel

  • Easy installation even in tight spaces thanks to the ultra-compact form factor of the Mini-PCs
  • Installable in areas accessible to guests thanks to attractive design and silence
  • Synergy effects thanks to common product for internal offices and guest areas
  • More accurate cost planning thanks to very high reliability and 5-year warranty
  • Cost savings thanks to extremely low power consumption and long product life
  • Achieve own sustainability goals thanks to lower energy consumption, long product life and the prime computer environmental initiatives
  • Use of own servers even without a server room thanks to silence and flexible installation on stands
  • Fast and competent help thanks to local support from real experts

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