Developed for IoT

The increasing interconnectedness respectively the Internet of Things (IoT) require optimized and specialized IT hardware. We have developed such hardware with our Mini-PCs, notably with the PrimeMini IoT. They are used as IoT gateways, edge mini PCs or thin clients whenever the appropriate computing power is needed at the “edge” of a network to make things smart and to connect them.

Straightforward and robust

The Mini-PCs from Prime Computer can be placed in the smallest of spaces. Their robust all-aluminum housing protects them even in tough environments. They are designed for a wide range of temperatures and humidity. In combination with fanless cooling and the omission of other moving parts, the PrimeMinis achieve unrivaled reliability and maintenance is reduced to an absolute minimum.

This makes them ideal IoT gateways or edge computing devices. Especially for demanding tasks such as in an exposed monitoring station or dusty production facilities.


Minimum operating costs

IoT computers are usually in use 24/7. The extremely low operating costs of Prime Computer’s Mini-PCs have a maximum effect on the total cost of ownership. The long product life, extremely low failure rate, maintenance-free operation and minimized power consumption of the PrimeMinis are key in this regard.

The PrimeMini IoT was optimized in terms of performance, energy consumption, and complexity specifically for use as an IoT gateway and at the edge of the Internet of Things. For demanding IoT tasks, where more computing power is needed, the equally robust and reliable PrimeMinis with Intel Core processors are available.


Prime Computer benefits for IoT

  • Fast and competent assistance due to Swiss expert support
  • Robust and dirt-resistant due to closed all-aluminum housing
  • Easy and versatile positioning due to super-compact form factor and a wide range of mounting options including a custom-designed and space-saving VESA mount.
  • Less downtime due to exceptionally high reliability
  • Save operating costs due to minimal power consumption and longer product life cycles
  • Lower maintenance costs due to high-quality components and wear-free construction

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