PCs and servers for the pharmaceutical industry

Pills, ointments or juice: medications are said to heal illnesses and relieve symptoms. Manufacturing a drug is complicated and expensive. Today, the funds usually come from mass production. To make the pills, capsules, ointments or liquids, many requirements have to be met. The guidelines for production are very strict: pharmaceutical companies not only have to manufacture the drugs in a sterile condition, they also have to check the nature, quality and purity of the medication. Every step is documented in detail by the manufacturer.

Perfect for the pharmaceutical industry

Prime Computer hardware is ideally suited to the requirements that chemical and pharmaceutical companies place on robust, state-of-the-art hardware. The interior of a Prime Computer is perfectly matched to the conditions in a chemical-pharmaceutical company and its production. The high quality construction of the prime computer products guarantees absolute reliability, security and efficiency. The products are intended for use in environments where protection against cross-contamination and maximum hygiene are paramount. The interior of the Prime Computer products always remains safely protected from particles and other contaminants.

Robust in continuous use

Despite their low weight, all Prime Computer products are built very robustly. This ensures that the devices are not damaged in the event of mechanical shocks or exposure to radiation. Prime Computer products are characterized by a wide range of possible uses and applications and have the necessary connections and interfaces.

Mini PC in der Pharmaindustrie

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