PCs and server for the timber industry

A third of the Swiss territory is covered with forest. Every year, 10 million m3 of wood grow in Switzerland. There are around 535 million trees in the Swiss forest. That makes 66 forest trees per inhabitant. So there is enough wood and it grows steadily. But wood is also a diverse raw material, which primarily serves as a building material and energy source. Wood is also used for the production of paper and wood-based materials.

Dust resistant in continuous use

Whether building a house, manufacturing furniture, industrial processing, packaging or energy production: wherever wood is needed, the sawmill always begins. It ensures that the wood comes to its correct size and shape. A lot of modern technology is used for this. But even today, a carpenter’s workshop is a place of work that puts a strain on technology. That’s why IT hardware has to endure a lot if you want to use it for many years. Prime Computer products have also proven themselves in this industry in recent years. They guarantee minimal failure rates even in a difficult work environment such as wood processing and are therefore responsible for almost uninterrupted operation. No matter whether moisture, dust or vibration – the robust products from St. Gallen prove themselves every day in tough continuous use.

Prime computer benefits

With Prime Computer products, users significantly improve productivity in their wood production and bring the latest information and communication technology to the sawmill with PrimeMini products. The fanless design of the Prime Computer products and the robust construction also guarantee reliability. Downtimes and business interruptions are almost impossible.

The Swiss IT manufacturer supplies durable systems with a five-year guarantee. Industrial users can rely on minimal failure rates and uninterrupted operation. The products from St. Gallen can also be easily integrated into any IT environment. You increase productivity sustainably and save a lot of energy and maintenance costs.

Holzgewerbe mit Computern

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