Environmental Impact

We don’t have time to delay our actions on climate change and need to implement business models that lead us to zero GHG emissions. That is why we constantly assess, monitor, and improve our environmental impact. Decreasing our internal and external carbon footprint is our top priority. Our main emissions are external: coming from both the purchase of components from suppliers and the energy consumption of our products.

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Our Footprint

CSR Our Footprint

In 2021 we achieved climate neutrality, meaning that all GHG emissions emitted have been first reduced through sustainable corporate practices reflected in our products, then through a GHG compensation project for the rest of external emissions that we cannot take care of internally.

Our Products

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Footprint of our products

We have calculated the CO2e emissions of our products from production, use in the first five years, distribution to disposal.


Next Steps

CSR Next Step 02

We aim to improve our current offsetting system by taking more actions to become climate positive. To reach this goal we are reducing our emissions even more, with the launch of new green products and by looking at new ways of capturing those uncontrolled emissions from our supply chain. Schemes such as carbon capture technologies and other projects enabling us to capture GHG emissions, through a sustainable business model with a positive impact on stakeholders, will help us to reach our environmental goals.

Next Steps in becoming more sustainable

  • Engaging with suppliers and partners to bring awareness and address current supply chain GHG emissions.
  • Increasing consumer awareness (end of life suggestion and incentives to recycle more materials)
  • Reducing and reusing more waste generated in operation

Footprint Framework

CSR Framework

To assess our environmental impact, we are following the GHG protocol framework.  “GHG Protocol establishes comprehensive global standardized frameworks to measure and manage greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from private and public sector operations, value chains and mitigation actions.”

Companies report emissions into three different scopes:

  • Scope 1 considers all direct emissions from the company; it includes for instance heating systems, air conditioning gases and firm vehicles.
  • Scope 2 covers indirect emissions produced on company behalf; energy purchased like grid electricity for facilities.
  • Scope 3 encompasses all indirect emissions from the company, including upstream and downstream emissions from the supply chain.

Upstream emissions

  • Purchase of goods and services
  • Purchase of new capital (equipment, machinery, buildings, facilities)
  • Fuel and energy related activities (upstream emissions of purchased fuel, electricity, transmission and distribution losses…)
  • Waste generated in operations
  • Business travel
  • Employee commuting
  • Leased assets

Downstream emissions

  • Transportation and distribution
  • Processing of sold products
  • Use of sold products
  • End of life treatment
  • Leased assets
  • Franchises
  • Investments

Our first sustainability report is now available. Check it out here to see how we committed to a positive impact in 2021.

Sustainability Report 2021

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