Social Impact

Our team is driven by positive leadership, empowering employees to go beyond their potential. Our working atmosphere, which is characterized by cooperation and a great team spirit, gets the best out of people, enhancing innovation and resilience.

Prime Computer assures there is enough room for personal growth and development, as only courageous and free-thinking minds can create viable concepts for a sustainable environment.

Our internal social impact goes beyond our organization limit and is passed on to our surroundings, creating effective and lasting change for a positive social impact. As the industry has an important impact on communities, we also focus on paving the road for a shift for more fairness and transparency in our supply chain.

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Our Culture

CSR Our Culture

Our cultural diversity

Our core values and our sustainability mindset helps us to grow and make a sustainable impact with our stakeholders. Goodwill and emotional intelligence shared by all within the company lead to a healthy working environment for all. Transparency and authenticity are enhanced and put forward in our communication.

As everyone thrives in different working practices, we enable our employees to be autonomous and flexible in their work, offering home office possibilities as well as self-development time. To facilitate exchange and strengthen the team spirit, apéros and team building events are organized frequently.

People Impact

Silhouette Of Business People Team and Successful Teamwork Celebration

Inspiring others on the path to sustainability

For a change to happen, we need to create awareness of current problems, possible solutions and the role each of us plays within our environment. By showing sustainable business model works, we can rid the market of excuses. Ensuring commercial and environmental success while benefiting people’s working conditions, is the way we want to lead by example.

Because we are only at the beginning of the sustainability road and very few are shifting practices, we want to inspire actions and welcome others to follow us, copy us or even improve our business model.

Community Impact

CSR Impact

Build Social Value

Everything within an IT device has a social impact. Population increases induce a daily growing demand for materials. As post-consumer recycled material is limited, the industry is highly dependent on the mining sector for the next decades. From dangerous working conditions and child labor to pollution and resource scarcity, extracting necessary material for component production comes with hard consequences for communities. If raw materials are sourced in a responsible manner, it can be a catalyst for such a region with high resources but low income.
We are working with our stakeholders to improve our engagement toward more responsible practices within our supply chain.

Management Practices

CSR Mangement PR

Values that guide our actions

We believe that the “why we do” strongly influences our “how we do”. Having a purpose makes people stronger in overcoming difficulties and finding disruptive solutions. Our leadership principles focus on building a positive, purpose driven and transparent atmosphere so that a good breeding ground is created for social and environmental impacts to flourish. The flat hierarchy of Prime Computer’s organization shows that we are all working at eye level with each other and encourages employees to provide and share constructive feedback.

Incentives related to sustainability targets are set to encourage employees to reflect on their own sustainability goals in and outside of the office. Trusting our employees and giving them autonomy is essential for enhancing commitment and consciousness in the workplace.

Our first sustainability report is now available. Check it out here to see how we committed to a positive impact in 2021.

Sustainability Report 2021

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