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2128894 kg CO2e Emissions captured since 2021

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With the 11th Gen Intel processor

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Triple Display Docking Station

Winner of the Work Environment category

Primestation Pulsar
Am 25.08.2022 von Ildiko Gartner

What does climate-neutral actually mean?

Am 15.08.2022 von Ildiko Gartner

Successfully Tested – PrimeBook Circular Convinces in Full-Length Tests

Test Reviews PBC
Am 20.09.2022 von Ildiko Gartner

Creating a Sustainable Business: The Role of a CSR Manager

Am 25.08.2022 von Ildiko Gartner

What does climate-neutral actually mean?

Am 15.08.2022 von Ildiko Gartner

Successfully Tested – PrimeBook Circular Convinces in Full-Length Tests

Test Reviews PBC
Am 09.08.2022 von Pardis Davari Monazah

Keep Cool: Fanless PCs and their Advantages

Warehouse Prime Mini 5

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Climate-neutral IT Hardware from Switzerland

Our smartly designed IT-hardware is designed with reliability, durability and efficiency in focus right from the development stage. Consequently, our clients benefit from an optimal combination of modern design and long-lasting performance. Their home is also ours: Switzerland.

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PrimeMini Connect

Compact Versatility

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Smartly Designed for Sustainable IT Solutions

One Mission – Many Goals

Low energy consumption, producing less waste, recycling – few issues are more relevant to the future of our planet than sustainability. While climate strike movements successfully draw international attention to climate change, we have made it our mission to raise the world’s awareness of sustainable IT solutions. Where conventional IT hardware reaches its limits, our smartly designed mini-PCs and servers allow companies to achieve their digitalization and environmental goals while reducing operating costs.

Plan, Optimize, Save.

Our ultra-compact mini-PCs stand out from conventional hardware due to their many benefits and enable universal use in companies to facilitate the process of digitization. With up to 80% less energy consumption than conventional products and an exceptional  level of reliability, companies can reduce their carbon footprint. With our Second-Life programs, we go a crucial step further in terms of resource conservation than with direct recycling.

Certificates & Memberships

SDG Awards 2021 Website
EU TECH SDG Awards Certificate 2021
Klimaneutrales Unternehmen logo
Climate-Neutral Company Certificate
Eutec Climate Neutral
EU TECH Climate Neutrality Certificate
Partners with We Don't Have Time
Green Product Award GPA
Green Product Award Winner 2021 & 2022
CRN Tech Impact Awards logo
CRN Tech Impact Awards: Highly Commended
Techies Go Green trans logo
Member of Techies Go Green
Support Global Goals SDGs logo
Sustainable Development Goals
Circular Electronics Initiative Partners logo
Member of Circular Electronics Initiative
EUTECH chamber logo
Member of the EUTECH Chamber
Exponential Roadmap Initiative logo
Exponential Roadmap Initiative
Swiss ICT Member logo
Member of Swiss ICT Association
swiss cleantech logo
Members of swisscleantech
go blue now logo
Partners with Go.Blue.Now
asut Swiss Telecommunications Association logo
Member of Swiss Telecom Association
Member of Greentech Alliance
Berg in der Schweizer Natur
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