Buy Prime Computer products as a private customer


As a private customer, you can buy all Prime Computer products through our resellers in their online shops or by phone and email. The resellers can advise you individually during the purchase and are also the first point of contact if you have questions or need help.

For all customers who wish to purchase the PrimeMini as a Music Streaming Server, for example, for Roon, we strongly recommend that you do so through one of our specialist HiFi resellers to get the best support and buy the PrimeMini in the exclusive HiFi version. Prime Computer cannot provide any end customer support for the installation and operation of the PrimeMini as a music streaming server or sell components separately!

You can find an overview of all Prime Computer resellers on our reseller locator.

Online shops and reseller

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    Audiosaul Prime Computer CM-Audio
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    Klangkonzept Prime Computer Knopper Prime Computer Audioperfect
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