Silent Efficiency

The PrimeMini 5 is a super-compact mini-PC from Switzerland. It is smartly designed without any fans. That is why the PrimeMini 5 is completely silent, dust-resistant, hygienic, durable and much more fail-safe than conventional desktop PCs.

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Green Product Award

April, 2021: Our fanless mini PC is the winner of the Green Product Awards 2021 in the Work Environment category. In this category, the PrimeMini 5 was chosen as the best workspace product already established in the market under the aspects of design, innovation and sustainability.


Green IT product

The PrimeMini 5 is a “Green IT” product that creates entirely new possibilities. At the same time, long-term operating costs are reduced through less maintenance and downtimes.


Low energy cost

Eco-friendly with low power consumption, reusable components and durable design. The electricity bill is lower as well due to highly efficient components.

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Optional ports available

Two HDMI 2.0a ports for 4K playback, USB 3.1 ports for lightning-fast data transfer, and a USB C/Thunderbolt port offer perfect connectivity. A new addition to the PrimeMini 5 are modular connectors like RS232 and additional Ethernet or USB ports.


You won't even notice that it is on

The mini-PC is fanless and thus a reliable and silent companion for everyday applications.


Available with Intel Core i5 and i7 processors

The performance of our small powerhouses is almost unrivaled for such a compact and passively cooled mini-PC. Up to 32 GB RAM in dual-channel mode and two SSDs as data storage find room in the tiny all-aluminum housing.

CO2e Impact
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100% climate-neutral

By supporting selected projects, we fully offset the average of 454.4 kg of CO2e emitted during the manufacturing, distribution and first 5 years of operation of your PrimeMini 5. This makes your PrimeMini 5 100% climate-neutral.

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PrimeMini 5 Trailer

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Independent review

“The PrimeMini 5 will appeal to enterprises looking for simple IT administration and longlasting product support, and to those who don’t mind an older generation platform as long as it offers an overall low total operating cost.”
Vaidyanathan Subramaniam, Notebookcheck
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“A racy Bonsai PC that scores with enough speed, many ports and extremely low energy consumption.”
Daniel Bader, PCtipp (only German)
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