Efficient technology management

With Prime Computer as a Service, we offer B2B clients and resellers an innovative leasing model for the Prime Computer IT-Hardware in collaboration with CHG-MERIDIAN and Grenke. Prime Computer as a Service is a major step towards a circular economy with our products. Prime Computer as a Service preserves natural resources, increases planning reliability and flexibility, and creates real cost benefits for our customers.

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Flexible demand planning

Optimum demand planning requires great flexibility. It is often impossible to predict exactly which IT infrastructure my company will need in 3 or 5 years. With Prime Computer as a Service, customers receive a dynamically adaptable and therefore highly flexible model for the procurement of IT hardware.

There are no CAPEX costs at the beginning, instead, the individual devices are leased and charged monthly at a fixed amount. The monthly leasing costs depend on the type and equipment of the IT-Hardware and on the agreed minimum leasing period.

Cost examples

In order to put the as a Service model into concrete figures, we present sample costs at CHG-MERIDIAN for Prime Computer IT-Hardware. A minimum leasing period of 60 months is specified here.

Lease calculator

Individual costs for Prime Computer IT-Hardware leasing can be calculated with our lease calculator. This way you will receive an exact calculation for your IT hardware setup.

Customers in the UAE please contact Nigel Ransom (Sales Director AMEA)


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  • No CAPEX
  • Reduced OPEX
  • Residual value of product is credited
  • Optimum planning of demand
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Environmentally friendly secondary use
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Second life

Prime Computer has committed itself to the mission for “Green IT”. Prime Computer as a Service is another very important step towards a circular economy of our IT hardware. The new leasing model includes a clear policy on what happens to Prime Computer IT-Hardware for which the leasing period expires at the end of a customer’s contract. They are overhauled and put to a second use. All data is deleted professionally and in compliance with DSGVO. In this way, an average of 95% of the devices can be reused. All others are professionally recycled.

The long product life of the Prime Computer IT-Hardware offers a double benefit here, as the residual value at the end of the leasing period will be calculated beforehand and reduces the monthly fee. This model is an optimal supplement to Prime Computer Second Lifecycle as well as to the environmental advantages of our products such as low power consumption or reparability.

Are you interested?

Do you have any further questions about Prime Computer as a Service or would you like to obtain an individual offer for your company? Then please fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you.

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