The mini-PC from Prime Computer: Alternative to conventional computers

Our mini-PCs are particularly small computer systems. However, unlike a thin client, which is similarly compact, they are full-fledged computers. The systems are trimmed for energy efficiency.


Possible uses of a mini-PC from Prime Computer

A compact mini-PC like the PrimeMini 5 fully replaces a large variety of workstations. Due to the small housing, deployment in the service area, such as at the reception of a hotel, is also possible. The powerful processors with several cores can handle even demanding tasks and programs.

The PrimeMini as access to the Cloud Workspace

The topic of cloud computing is increasingly coming into focus. In addition to network storage, service providers also offer entire infrastructures in the cloud as a service. On-site, only one device is then needed to access the cloud and the virtual PC. Compact systems such as the mini-PCs from Prime Computer are particularly suitable for this purpose.

Work in the home office is increasingly attracting attention. In many cases, companies provide their employees with systems for their personal use. Here too, compact mini-PCs such as the PrimeMini 4 are a good choice. The systems are small, quiet, and power-saving. They are therefore well suited for use in the home office.

Mini-PCs like the PrimeMini create more space

A mini-PC brings tidiness to the desk. Conventional workstations are housed in bulky tower cases. These always take up a lot of space. This is not the same with the small and compact mini housing of the PrimeMini, which is half the size of a DIN A4 sheet of paper and can fit in anywhere.

The compact mini-PCs from Prime Computer also feature a VESA mount. This allows the complete housing to be mounted directly on the back of a monitor. In this way, the monitor and PrimeMini form a symbiosis. The computer disappears from view and the office is visually tidy. At the same time more valuable space is created on the desk for other things.

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Mini-PCs from Prime Computer ensure a pleasant working atmosphere

A major benefit of the PrimeMini becomes apparent in everyday working life. We equip all systems with passive cooling. Such a fanless PC, therefore, works completely silent. Compared to an office with conventional workstation computers, the silence is immediately noticeable. The familiar whirring of the fans, which many people firmly connect to computers, is completely absent.

The issue of noise is an important factor in the working environment. Disturbing background noises cause nervousness and are detrimental to concentration. Especially the permanent noises of a computer are problematic. Once you have experienced how quietly a fanless PC like the PrimeMini works, you will not want to have any other systems.

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The products of Prime Computer: energy-saving and ecological

Nachhaltigkeit und Umweltschutz stehen nicht nur bei Unternehmen auf der Agenda. Viele Verbraucher suchen bewusst nach Firmen, die sich aktiv für grüne Technologien engagieren. Mit einer konsequenten Green IT Strategie auf Basis von Produkten von Prime Computer ist ein solches Image möglich. Dies sorgt ausserdem für Vertrauen bei den Kunden.

Sustainability and environmental protection are not only on the agenda for companies. Many consumers are consciously looking for companies that are actively involved in green technologies. It becomes possible with a consistent Green IT strategy based on Prime Computer products. This also creates trust among customers.

Individual configuration – a Prime Computer Mini-PC according to your ideas

The mini-PCs from Prime Computer are available in different configurations. Very powerful processors are necessary for certain fields. Current multi-core CPUs from the high-end range are available for this purpose. In other situations, however, the demands on the systems are rather low. In such cases, the PrimeMini can be used with smaller but particularly economical processors.

Choices are also needed in terms of memory capacity. Here too, there are application areas that require systems with a lot of RAM. In contrast, thin clients and office computers require less RAM. In this case, a cheaper variant can be used. In any case, a later upgrade of the main memory on all mini-PCs from Prime Computer is possible without any problems.

In this way, performance can be increased at any time. There is also plenty of flexibility for the individual configuration of the hard drives. The PrimeMini is supplied with SSDs. This flash-based data memory is particularly economical and quiet. Since they have no mechanical components whatsoever, SSDs are also very robust. The mini-PCs are available with Windows as well as various Linux variants.

The PrimeServer: Mini-servers for all tasks

The requirements for a server are completely different from those of a workstation computer. Nevertheless, a “mini” concept is worthwhile here as well. Many of the benefits that speak in favour of mini workstation computers also apply to PrimeServers. There are various equipment variants for the Prime servers. So everyone can find the server that suits their requirements.

There is a wide range of processors available in the mini-servers. The capacity of the main memory can also be individually configured. This is important in order to find a suitable PrimeServer for the respective task. Application servers often require a lot of processing power. If, on the other hand, many websites and databases are hosted, the demand for RAM increases.

Prime Computer’s mini-servers include a mounting kit for installation in 19-inch server racks. Alternatively, the PrimeServer can be placed free-standing at any location. The mini-servers are well equipped for integration into networks. Controllers with several network ports in modern standards leave all options open. There is also the option of WLAN and LTE.

The choice of operating systems is equally wide. In addition to Windows Server, there is also a choice of various Linux distributions. The PrimeServers are still compatible with hypervisors such as Citrix Xenserver. In this way, virtual machines can be managed systematically. The systems therefore adapt directly to the existing IT infrastructure and are immediately ready for use.

PrimeMini 5 Video

What benefits do mini-PCs like the PrimeMini offer?

The times when computers were big and heavy are basically over. In the past, this was a sign of performance and possibilities for upgrading. Today, the components have shrunk considerably. For this reason, high-end hardware can now be accommodated in a small housing.

This way, companies receive modern work platforms and workstations based on Prime Computer’s mini-PCs. The major benefits of the PrimeMini include energy efficiency and the fanless concept. Such a fanless PC generates no noise at all. At the same time, this allows it to be used in special environments. Where it is too dusty, for example, computers with fans cannot be used.

Prime Computer products, on the other hand, have closed cases and can therefore be used under difficult conditions. At the same time, Prime Computer’s mini-PCs can be upgraded without any problems. RAM and SSDs can easily be accessed. This extends the service life and minimises maintenance costs at the same time. In combination with the low maintenance costs, the mini desktop PCs prove to be particularly efficient in everyday work.


What are the positive features of the compact PrimeServer?

Prime Computer’s servers have basically similar benefits to mini-PCs. However, there are some other positive features that stand out especially in this area of use. A central benefit is the minimal space requirement. The PrimeServers are significantly more compact than regular 19-inch servers. Thanks to this feature, more server systems fit into one room.

Alternatively, no separate server room is required. The PrimeServer Pro also integrates into the normal office environment. This is particularly interesting for small and medium-sized companies and start-ups. Space is often limited here. In this context, two further positive characteristics of Prime Computer’s servers come into play: the low heat development and the silence.

Normal server systems are often very loud. In contrast, PrimeServers are absolutely noiseless and do not disturb anyone. Thanks to the low heat emission, no separate cooling concept is required for a small number of devices. This often saves an expensive air conditioning system in the server room.

PrimeServer Pro

What are the benefits of PrimeServer Pro in the data centre?

Power consumption is also a factor in data centres. Server systems generally run around the clock. An energy-efficient system like the PrimeServer Pro is all the more sensible in this area. This reduces the operating costs for the IT infrastructure. This is a major benefit, especially in view of the high electricity costs, which speaks for the Prime Computer servers.

In this context, uninterruptible connection to power is also worth considering. Critical services must be available even in the event of a power failure. This is guaranteed by UPSs. However, these can only bridge a mains power supply failure as long as the battery capacity is sufficient. The economical Prime Computer mini-servers have a clear benefit here due to their low power consumption.

How small are Prime Computer’s mini systems?

The mini-computers and compact servers belong to the class of ultra-slim computers. The PrimeMini, for example, takes up only about the area of half a DIN A4 sheet of paper.

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How much space does a PrimeServer need?

A similar picture emerges for the PrimeServers. Instead of bulky 19-inch housings, they are housed in compact mini-server enclosures. Thanks to this feature, a PrimeServer requires considerably less space than conventional servers. At the same time, it is possible to place powerful server systems in unusual locations. A separate server room may even be completely unnecessary.


For which tasks are PrimeServers suitable?t?

The compact PrimeServers are basically suitable for all applications. Despite their compactness, there are no restrictions in terms of performance. The PrimeServer Pro can be used as an application server, for example.

The systems fulfill the classic function of data storage as well as their use as mail servers. The mini-servers are also suitable for data backup. Even critical business applications are safely stored on the PrimeServers. The mini-servers from Prime Computer are therefore suitable as central systems in data centres.

It can also be used as an initial solution in SMEs or branch offices without any problems. Since the PrimeServers are extremely compact, the systems are particularly suitable for companies with limited space. In this way, IT takes up less space and there is room for the actual daily business.

When does a mini-PC like the PrimeMini make sense?

The primary benefits of Prime Computer’s compact mini desktop PCs are space saving, efficiency, low noise and the Green IT concept. Thus a mini PC is worthwhile in many scenarios. Typical areas of application are, for example:

  • Classic workstation in offices

  • Hotel reception and similar environments

  • Gastronomy

  • Clinics and medical practices

  • Homeoffice

  • Equipment in media and conference rooms

  • Control for digital advertising or information platforms

Due to the very low operating costs, the range of applications is wide. Another factor that ensures flexibility is the silent concept of the PrimeMini. Such a fanless PC can be well placed in the catering trade or in customer service in general. The compact mini-PCs are also worthwhile wherever there is extremely little space for systems.

The mini-PCs from Prime Computer are also rewarding from the point of view of the working atmosphere. A fanless PC improves concentration at the workplace. At the same time, a PrimeMini takes up less space and provides a structured environment. If you have any questions about Prime Computer’s products, the Prime Computer team will be happy to answer them. We answer questions competently and with an eye on the individual situation.

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