Buy mini-PCs and servers online


You can conveniently order all Prime Computer products in selected configurations online via our partner stores and distributors. On request, an order without Windows is possible at all partners at lower overall prices.

B2B customers can order further configurations from the partner stores on request, depending on their project.

Prime Computer products are also available through Prime Computer resellers, which can be found in the Reseller Locator. Here you will also find Hifi resellers where you can buy PrimeMinis as Roon-Server.

  • Germany, France, Poland

    Logo IPC2U
  • Germany, Austria

  • Germany, Austria, UK, Ireland

    Boston website prime computer
  • United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain

    VAD Logo
  • Kosovo, Albania and Northern Macedonia

    Gjirafa Logo
  • Switzerland* Logo Alltron Logo

Other countries

Are you interested in purchasing a Prime Computer product, but your country is not listed above? Then contact us directly by email: Link


* In Switzerland, Prime Computer products can be ordered from many other online shops such as Digitec, Fust, Microspot and Interdiscount. However, the PrimeMini cannot be purchased there without Windows.


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