Fanless Mini PCs and servers from Switzerland

Our smartly designed mini-PCs and servers allow companies to achieve ambitious digitalization and environment goals whilst reducing their lifetime cost of ownership.

Berg in der Schweizer Natur

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Smartly Designed for Sustainable IT Solutions

One Mission – Many Goals

Low energy consumption, producing less waste, recycling – few issues are more relevant to the future of our planet than sustainability. While climate strike movements successfully draw international attention to climate change, we have made it our mission to raise the world’s awareness of sustainable IT solutions. Where conventional IT hardware reaches its limits, our smartly designed mini-PCs and servers allow companies to achieve their digitalization and environmental goals while reducing operating costs.

Plan, Optimize, Save.

Our ultra-compact mini-PCs stand out from conventional hardware due to their many benefits and enable universal use in companies to facilitate the process of digitization. With up to 80% less energy consumption than conventional products and an exceptional  level of reliability, companies can reduce their carbon footprint. With our Second-Life programs, we go a crucial step further in terms of resource conservation than with direct recycling.

The success story
goes on and on.

Für Spezialanwendungen und die Zukunft: Der lautlose PrimeMini IoT
Am 20.08.2021 von Fynn Wohlgensinger

What is a high-performance thin client?

A thin client is a computer with reduced performance and little or no storage. This blog post shows why a high-performance thin client makes sense and is not a contradiction in itself.

What is a high-performance thin client?
crane loanding cargo container to container ship in the international terminal yard port concept freight shipping by ship at sunrise .
Am 14.07.2021 von Fynn Wohlgensinger

The global supply shortages from an SME’s point of view

Chip crisis - container shortage - supply chain disruption: The current situation in global commodity trade and especially in the market for IT hardware is presented by the press in dramatic terms. Bu ...

The global supply shortages from an SME’s point of view
Ingmar Rentzhog presentation
Am 06.07.2021 von Fynn Wohlgensinger

We Don’t Have Time

We Don't Have Time is the largest social network for climate action. They use climate-neutral Prime Computer hardware at their headquarter.

We Don’t Have Time
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