Technologies – as long-lasting as Swiss nature.

Our smartly designed mini-PCs and servers allow companies to achieve ambitious digitalization and environment goals whilst reducing their lifetime cost of ownership.


Berg in der Schweizer Natur

Once on, never off.

High hygiene requirements

The whirling up of air and the associated distribution of impurities at the workplace are a thing of the past: our fanless mini-PCs and servers meet high hygiene requirements due to their perfectly tuned design and are therefore ideally suited for use in medical areas, clinics and clean rooms. Passive cooling means there are no air currents that distribute germs.


Due to an almost completely closed housing, our mini-PCs and servers can withstand even heavy dirt and dust: due to the passive cooling, no fan is used which could suck particles from the circulating air and whirl them around. Protected from mechanical shocks and the effects of radiation, our products can also be used in carpentry and metalworking shops, for example.

The success story
goes on and on.

Windows Subsystem for Linux 2
Am 04.06.2020 von Fynn Wohlgensinger

Tech-Info: Windows 10 Update 2004

The most important information about the latest feature update for Windows 10 is presented in this post.

Tech-Info: Windows 10 Update 2004
Am 18.03.2020 von Fynn Wohlgensinger

The ideal home office PC – PrimeMini 4

The PrimeMini 4 is the ideal home office PC due to its super-compact dimensions. Even on a smaller desk at home, it can be placed directly on the desk without any problems.

The ideal home office PC – PrimeMini 4
Am 09.07.2019 von Fynn Wohlgensinger

PrimeMini 4 as Roon Nucleus Alternative

Roon is a music management and listening solution by Roon Labs that works as a music player, streaming solution, and server. Roon is much appreciated by music enthusiasts.

PrimeMini 4 as Roon Nucleus Alternative
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